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Dubai customer visit

October 25, 2019

With the rapid development of the company and the continuous innovation of R & D technology, Anyang Tiangong color plate steel structure Co., Ltd. is expanding the international market and has been attracting many foreign customers to visit and inspect.

With the further expansion of the business, Dubai buyers had a strong interest in our strength and product quality, having a great cooperation intentions. He highly evaluated our products and strength after going to our factory on the spot on 19th June. Our company expressed warm welcome to the arrival of Dubai buyers! We claimed that we will welcome customers from all over the world to visit our warehouse, and give pertinent, real-time and effective suggestions with negotiation of further cooperation plans.


Anyang Tiangong Color Plate Steel Structure Co., Ltd


President Bao negotiated with customers and exchanged in detail about the company's strength, development planning, product sales and typical cooperative customers.

There are two major aspects of this customer inspection. There is no doubt that the container house is one of the key inspection targets, and the other is the understanding of our house production process and materials. Container house is a hot product in the market at present, and its fast assembly feature and modular building have solved the shortages of temporary building at this stage.

Anyang Tiangong Color Plate Steel Structure Co., Ltd


Accompanied by Mr. Bao, general manager of our company and the manager of foreign trade sales, Mr. Shi, the customer visited the workshop and samples on the spot, giving us a high evaluation and having an intuitive understanding of our company at the end. They fully affirmed the company's R & D capabilities, production capabilities, management and other aspects. Mr. Bao and Mr. Shi all answered customer’s questions so they were so impressed on the rich professional knowledge and vegetarian work ability of Mr. Bao and Mr Shi. After the visit, Dubai customers and our company conducted in-depth discussions on the future cooperation and reached a cooperation intention.

The visit of foreign customers not only strengthened the communication between our company and foreign customers, but also laid a solid foundation for our more international products. We claim that, in the future, we will always adhere to high-quality products, actively expand market share, and constantly improve!