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Polynesian customer visit

November 22, 2019

With the rapid development of the company and the continuous innovation of research and development technology, Anyang Tiangong color plate steel structure co., ltd. is also expanding the international market, and attracted the attention of many foreign customers.

In October 2019, Polynesian mainland customers visit our project to make the on-the-spot investigation, the customer has two big aspects, there is no doubt that the container house is one of the focuses on objects, another is for our production process and understanding of the materials used, the container house is hot products on the market at present, the characteristics of its fast assembled and modular building good solve the temporary buildings at present.


Anyang Tiangong Color Plate Steel Structure Co., Ltd

Yesterday, Polynesian customers to visit our company, our company Bao total reception the Polynesian arriving customers, mainly investigate the Polynesian customers faster the division I production process, accompanied by our company Bao total of mainland customers visited production workshop and the actual project, then, Bao total with customers for the company strength, development planning, product sales and typical cooperation has carried on the detailed customer communication.


Anyang Tiangong Color Plate Steel Structure Co., Ltd

The customer expressed his pleasure to visit our company and thanked us for our warm and considerate reception. He was deeply impressed by our good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and advanced automation equipment technology. He is looking forward to further exchanges and cooperation.