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Color steel tile

Product Introduction

Color steel tile, also known as color pressure tile, is a color-coated steel plate that is cold-rolled into various wave-shaped pressure plates by rolling, which is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structures. The roof, wall and interior and exterior wall decoration of the house are characterized by light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and quick construction, anti-seismic, fireproof, rainproof, long life and maintenance-free. It has been widely used.


Characteristics of color steel tile


Light weight 10-14 kg / square meter, equivalent to 1 / 30 of the brick wall.
Thermal insulation Core material thermal conductivity: λ < = 0.441w / mk.
High strength  It can be used as a load-bearing structure for ceilings, bending and compression; general houses do not use beams and columns.
Bright color No need for surface decoration, color galvanized steel coating anti-corrosion layer is maintained for 10-15 years.
Flexible and quick installation the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%.
Oxygen index (OI) 32.0 (provincial fire protection product quality inspection station)


Type of colored steel tile


Thickness 0.2-0.6mm
Width 840-950mm
Type Wave/Trapezoidal 
length Customer requirements
Colors Any RAL Color/Customer requirements
Packing Sea Worthy Standard Export Packaging
Loading Port  Qingdao Port 


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